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Latest Polling Shows Embattled Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in Dead Heat in Bid For Reelection

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According to recent polling, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is now in a dead heat in his bid for reelection. Saddled with legal troubles because of an indictment on securities fraud, Paxton led the recent lawsuit trying to force an immediate end to the DACA program, which was recently — and surprisingly — rebuffed by a federal judge known for his anti-immigrant views. It’s not clear when Paxton will go to trial for his fraud indictment, but it’s unlikely that it will begin before Election Day. Paxton’s opponent, Justin Nelson, has been crisscrossing the state and is competitive in a race that many didn’t expect to be this close.

Mario Carrillo, State Director of America’s Voice Texas, issued the following statement:

Attorney General Ken Paxton has continually attacked immigrants in Texas even as he fights his own legal battle over securities fraud. Given his record, it should come as no surprise that his race for reelection is much closer that he would have expected. Legal troubles aside, enthusiasm and support of immigrants remains high in Texas, and Paxton’s continued attacks against immigrants, especially his constant attempts at ending DACA and leaving young immigrants under threat of deportation, have shown that he is out of touch with the rest of the state.

Ken Paxton should tread lightly when campaigning on “rule of law”, a term he applies to others, but not himself. He’s staked his reputation on attacking immigrants. The majority of Texans want young immigrants to remain in the only country they know, and believe their parents should also have a right to stay and further contribute to the country and state they call home.

Paxton has used his office to launch attacks against many Texans solely because of who they are. Texans need to know his record.

Below is an excerpt from a piece from NBCDFW.com. Find the piece in its entirety here.

Polls released over the summer on the November race for Texas attorney general show a narrow margin between leading candidates with many voters still undecided.

According to a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll released in June, incumbent Republican Ken Paxton was at 32 percent while Democratic nominee Justin Nelson was at 31 percent. Libertarian Michael Ray Harris stood at 6 percent. Four percent of voters polled named other candidates while 26 percent had no opinion.