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ICYMI: San Antonio Dreamer Andrea Fernandez: “It’s Time for Our Representatives to Protect America’s Legacy as a Welcoming Place”

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AUSTIN– In a new op-ed published in the San Antonio Express News, Andrea Fernandez, a Dreamer and senior at the University of Texas at San Antonio outlined how Trump’s cruel termination of the DACA program, compounded by Congress’ inaction on the Dream Act, has jeopardized her future.

Mario Carrillo, Director of America’s Voice Texas, said:

Americans, across party lines, overwhelmingly support Dreamers being allowed to stay in the U.S., but President Trump and Republicans in Congress would rather cower to the fringes of their party than come up with commonsense solutions. Recent court decisions, while welcomed and celebrated, are simply a stopgap measure and are only delaying the inevitable to end to DACA. A permanent fix must be addressed through legislation. We’re inspired by Dreamers like Andrea who continue sharing their stories to remind Congress that every day it fails to act is another day closer to the mass deportations of Dreamers.

Find excerpts of the piece, “She’s wishing for a secure place out of the shadows” below, and in its entirety here.

“If you live in Texas, there is a good chance you know someone like me.

My mother brought me to the United States when I was 8 because of a lack of jobs and security in Mexico City. I’ve grown up an American, pledging allegiance to our flag and doing my best to succeed in school.

Thanks to the opportunities afforded to me, I am finishing college this year and would like to give back by serving in public office.

I am a Dreamer.


When my mother and I arrived in the U.S., our nation’s broken immigration system offered no assurances against deportation until the Obama administration created DACA. Like many immigrants before us, we demonstrated our desire to contribute to American life without assurances that we could make this place our home by going to school and working hard.

My uncertain status in this country is one of many examples of the costs of inaction. I want to walk across the stage at graduation, but I also want other Dreamers to stay in their jobs and their homes. I want to prevent families from being torn apart by ICE agents. Most importantly, I want future immigrants to this country to feel as welcomed by the government as their community.

It’s time for our representatives to protect America’s legacy as a welcoming place. Inaction is unacceptable.