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ICYMI: CNN’s Tal Kopan: “Trump admin was warned a policy change could strengthen MS-13. They did it anyway.”

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A new CNN article exposes the fact that the Trump administration is more interested in exploiting fears of MS-13 to advance their political agenda than in actually destroying this gang.

As CNN’s Tal Kopan reports:

The Trump administration was warned that ending US protections for more than 300,000 Central Americans would strengthen and grow MS-13 and gangs that President Donald Trump has called “animals,” according to an internal report obtained by CNN.

But the administration went on to end the protections for citizens of El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua regardless.

The warnings came from experts at the State Department in October 2017, and were attached to a letter from then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to then-acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke.

The State Department also warned that ending the “temporary protected status” program could also hurt US national security and economic interests, including by driving up illegal immigration.

…”Many of the deportees would be accompanied by their US-born children, many of whom would be vulnerable to recruitment by gangs,” warned the section on Honduras.

“The lack of legitimate employment opportunities is likely to push some repatriated TPS holders, or their children, into the gangs or other illicit employment,” warned the section on El Salvador.

“With no employment and few ties, options for those returning to El Salvador and those overwhelmed by the additional competition will likely drive increased illegal migration to the United States and the growth of MS-13 and similar gangs,” the report added.

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

Trump and the GOP point the finger at immigrants and call them ‘animals.’ This is a pattern, and it is purposeful. They stoke fear to deflect from the simple fact that their priority is to hand kickbacks to the rich while increasing healthcare costs, defunding our schools, and threatening seniors with cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

Trump isn’t interested in public safety; he’s interested in dividing America, juicing his base and hanging onto power. We need leaders who bring people together across racial difference to build a nation that works for all of us, with no one and nobody left out.

Read Kopan’s full piece here.