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Economic Contributions Of TPS Holders Increase Urgency To Pass Reintroduced American Dream & Promise Act

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TPS Holders & Their Families Are Essential Members of Communities and Economies

Studies Show DACA & TPS Holders Contribute $17.4 Billion In Federal Taxes, $9.7 Billion In State & Local Taxes; Possess $75.4 Billion In Spending Power

TPS Holders Hold Critical Essential Jobs In Construction and Food Services

 Last week, the House of Representatives reintroduced H.R.6, the American Dream and Promise Act, that would create a pathway to citizenship for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, DACA recipients and other Dreamers.

Their economic contributions to the United States increase the urgency for passage of this critical bill. The Center for American Progress and the University of Southern California estimate that  “annually, [DACA recipients and TPS holders] and their households contribute $17.4 billion in federal taxes and $9.7 billion in state and local taxes; they hold $75.4 billion in spending power.” Not only this, but The American Immigration Council reported back in 2019 that the jobs TPS holders have are in high demand, most notably in construction, restaurants and other food services, and landscaping industries. Leaving long-term immigrants who are deeply rooted in American communities vulnerable to deportation is not only cruel, but economically reckless.

Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for America’s Voice added:

As our country tries to recover from four years of a Trump administration and the economic devastation of COVID-19, it’s critical to remember that TPS holders are a key part of our nation’s recovery. Not only do they make up a huge portion of our nation’s essential workers, they own homes, pay taxes and spend money in ways that boost our economy.

The only way our nation can truly build back better is by recognizing that these immigrants are Americans in every sense of the word except on paper. A path to citizenship is not only the right thing to do, but is in the best interest of economic recovery from COVID-19.

This is why Congress must step up and pass HR6 again in the House and the Secure Act in the Senate. TPS holders and their families have languished in limbo for too long — it’s time to pass permanent solutions for these essential members of our families and communities. Our economy depends on it.