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“Divider in Chief” Sets A Clear Course for the GOP in 2018: When All Else Fails, Stoke Fear in Effort to Maintain Political Power

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Ugly Strategy Trumpeted by Stephen Miller; Leaves No Room for So-called GOP Moderates

Yesterday, President Donald Trump’s roundtable on Long Island was the latest evidence of the White House commitment to divide the country in hopes of maintaining political power.

In a new interview with Breitbart News, White House advisor and anti-immigrant ringleader Stephen Miller admitted as much. He made it clear that anti-immigrant fear mongering and divisiveness would be central thrust of the White House and Republican midterm political strategy.

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

President Trump is the “Divider in Chief.” He is committed to a clear and ugly course: to stoke fear and divide the country by “othering” immigrants in hopes of holding onto power. At a time when the majority of Americans want the country to come together and restore decency, the White House is intent on dehumanizing and denigrating those don’t kiss the Dear Leader’s ring.

With GOP candidates competing for who is more Trumpian, the whole Republican Party has been sucked into the undertow. From the days of George W. Bush’s “family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande,” the GOP has now devolved into backing a party leader who proudly separates moms from their toddlers.

In the face of this ugly and obvious strategy, those of us who comprise the Coalition of the Decent need to stand up —and show up — for the American experiment, where people from diverse backgrounds come together to form a more perfect union.