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America’s Voice Recommends “YES” Vote on Resolution to Block Trump’s Phony and Unconstitutional Emergency Declaration

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News of $1 billion redirected from the Pentagon to building the wall means this whole charade is getting real

Later today, the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote to override the President’s veto of the resolution to block President Trump’s emergency declaration, giving lawmakers another chance to go on the record with whether to override Trump’s veto or bow to his fake emergency. America’s Voice urges Members of Congress vote “YES” on the resolution.

In addition to the real and continued constitutional concerns about maintaining the integrity of co-equal branches of government, today, there are new reminders about the high costs and consequences of diverting funds for wall construction. Late yesterday, AFP reported that, “acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan has authorized $1 billion to build part of the wall sought by Donald Trump along the US-Mexico border, the first funds designated for the project under the president’s emergency declaration to circumvent Congress.”

The $1 billion authorization comes after a host of other reminders. For example, the federal government is taking aggressive steps to seize land from Texas landowners for border wall construction; the Pentagon released a list of state and local military construction projects that could be raided for wall funding; and the Marine Corps leadership is deeply concerned that the deployment of soldiers to the border and diversion of funds for the wall is compromising military readiness.

According to Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, “We strongly recommend a ‘Yes’ vote on today’s resolution to block Trump’s phony emergency declaration. This is a fake national emergency and power grab that won’t solve any problems and only furthers Trump’s political narrative and anti-immigrant electoral agenda. Republican Members of Congress have to decide whether they will stand with Trump or with the Constitution. The choice should be clear, fulfill your oath and duty to the American people. History is watching.”