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America’s Voice Launches DREAMer-Narrated Spanish Language Ad Campaign in Key California Congressional Race

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New Ads Running Through Election Day to Highlight Immigration’s Role in Bilbray’s CA-52 House Race

 As the final days of the 2012 campaign draw near, America’s Voice is launching a five-figure radio and online ad buy to inform San Diego Latino voters about the immigration positions taken by their candidates.

Starting today, the ad will run in heavy rotation through Election Day on Spanish-language radio outlets in San Diego, targeting the toss-up U.S. House race between Brian Billbray and Scott Peters in CA-52.  The ad buy in California is a part of a six-figure effort that also encompasses a Senate and Sherriff’s race in Arizona.  The ads highlight the important distinctions on immigration that exist in each of these races.

The ad features prominent DREAMers as the narrators of the spots, who state that Latino voters in San Diego can “use their vote to stand up to the discriminatory and anti-immigrant policies.”  They then go onto explain, “But not us.  We’re the DREAMers, the undocumented young people of the DREAM Act who, without papers and without fear, fight to complete our college education, serve our country, and achieve a path to citizenship.”

About the candidates, the DREAMers say, “Congressional candidate Scott Peters will fight for us. Peters rejects the extreme and racist positions of Brian Bilbray, who heads an anti-immigrant group in Congress. Instead, Scott Peters firmly supports immigration reform and the DREAM Act.”

Click here for the full transcripts of the ad targeting Bilbray/Peters.

The issue of immigration reform is important to Latino voters, and the candidates’ positions on the issue matter.  The importance of immigration and Latino voters in CA-52 is further highlighted in an America’s Voice profile of 14 key House races to watch.

Several of the DREAMers featured in the ads are available to explain why they think this race is important.  If you’d like to learn more or schedule an interview with one of the DREAMers in the ads, please email press@americasvoiceonline.org.


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