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About 2,200 people filled the sanctuary at 16th Street Baptist Church and overflowed outside to protest Alabama’s tough new law targeting illegal immigrants. The rally, part of the One Family One Alabama national movement to overturn the law, featured nearly two dozen speakers. Speeches were translated into Spanish or English — depending on the speaker — for the multi-lingual audience.

Rosa: “While it’s not uncommon for other established media outlets to use a term like “illegal immigrant,” a problematic title that assumes an individual is guilty of breaking immigration laws, it’s nearly impossible to be an “illegal student” in the United States. What’s next? Will there be “illegal Church goers,” or “illegal Guitar Hero players?”

I was at the Washington screening of the new CNN series, “Latino in America” last night and was, well, not too happy when I left the building. I’ll get into the details about that in a minute, but what really set me over the edge was when Laura Esquivel, from Media Matters, came up to me and asked if I had heard the latest from Dobbs. I hadn’t, so she read me a transcript from his radio show earlier that day. He was talking about a black Chicago community activist who was upset about the President’s trip to Chicago the other day. And Dobbs had some advice for the black community about issues in their community:

It’s a black community problem. And part of the problem is the black community is not being responsible and I mean turning Heaven and Earth to protect our children.

The media is starting to tell it like it is, and the Nativists are getting even more restless. In “Leader says FAIR is no hate group,” FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) President Dan Stein takes issue with a recent article by the Frederick News-Post Online, chronicling the quiet, but sinister, rise of hate groups across the country. FAIR was founded by a supporter of eugenics, John Tanton, with funds from the Pioneer Fund, a foundation committed to the belief that some races of people are genetically and intellectually superior to other races. Tanton continues as a leader of FAIR and sits on its board of directors.