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Whoops–Tanton Network's "March for Jobs" Today Gets Punked

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And that, folks, is why you also buy related websites when purchasing vanity URLs.

The Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA) march against immigration reform–a product of the Tanton Network–was held on the Capitol lawn this morning, featuring a few hundred mostly-white Tea Partiers rallying against “amnesty” and “illegals.”

Many of the photos that protesters and speakers were featured in, however, also included signs and T-shirts linking to a website that was NOT the event website.  These sneak URLs, www.dcjobsmarch.com and www.dcmarchforjobs.org lead to a website called whichwayforward.org, which explains what exactly the Black American Leadership Alliance is (a front group), links it to white nationalist John Tanton and his shadowy network of anti-immigrant organizations, lifts up the disastrous record of BALA’s leaders, and debunks the myth that Americans and African-Americans suffer from the presence of immigrants.  It’s information you can bet today’s rally-goers didn’t know, and information today’s rally organizers didn’t want known.  You can check out the joke website here.

Also, check out pictures of today’s speakers and protesters unwittingly posing with posters and T-shirts of the website punking them:

BALA founder Leah Durant:


Congressman Steve King (R-IA):


Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL):