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What's the Deal With Marco Rubio?

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What’s the deal with Marco Rubio? First he supports a path to citizenship, but now he’s trying to put the brakes on an immigration bill.

Senator Rubio said this week that the process for writing an immigration bill is going way too fast. Too fast, really? We’ve been debating and fighting for a pathway to citizenship for years.

He says he wants to be cautious — but he sound a lot like anti-immigrant senators intent on derailing progress, like Sen. Jeff Sessions.

In reality, Sen. Rubio just seems more concerned about getting media attention for himself than passing an immigration bill.

Tell Senator Rubio: We need a leader on immigration reform who’s willing to put our community ahead of his own political agenda.

Millions are looking to Sen. Rubio–a member of the Gang of Eight–for leadership. But instead of being a leader, he’s been playing dodgeball with reform, avoiding stances and parroting claims that plans have been too rushed or not publicly discussed.

None of this is true. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy has said repeatedly that the Senate will have adequate time to debate the bill.

Now is not the time for Sen. Rubio to slow things down or stop the process, not at the expense of millions of Americans demanding comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

Tell Sen. Rubio that we are tired of his political games and we expect him to be a REAL leader for reform.