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UPDATE: Twitter Cheat Sheet And Other Resources For Today’s Republican Debate

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The second GOP debate is already here, and it feels like almost no time has passed since the first one!

America’s Voice will be watching the debate and commenting on it online, posting reactions, providing commentary, and aggregating relevant content. We have compiled the following guide in order to provide you with information about the candidates, where they currently stand on immigration, and how you can participate.

Here is an updated Twitter Cheat Sheet:




Candidate Twitter Profiles & Sample Tweets

Donald Trump

Twitter Handle: @RealDonaldTrump

America’s Voice Profile on Donald Trump


Jeb Bush

Twitter Handle: @JebBush

America’s Voice Profile on Jeb Bush

  • [AV] Jeb Bush has stated that he would end DACA & DAPA. Offers no real solution: http://bit.ly/1DoHqbV #GOPDebate
  • Oops: Jeb Bush Co-Chaired A Group That Specifically Told Republicans To Not Say “Anchor Baby” – http://bit.ly/1LeM0eJ
  • [AV] As an official candidate, Bush has backtracked on Citizenship and has prioritized enforcement: http://bit.ly/1DshHiH


  • Jeb Bush Says He Doesn’t Consider Derogatory “Anchor Baby” Term Offensive At All –  http://bit.ly/1KkIxGk

Gov. Scott Walker

Twitter Handle: @ScottWalker

America’s Voice Profile on Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Twitter Handle: @GovMikeHuckabee

America’s Voice Profile on Gov. Mike Huckabee

  • [MSN] Mike Huckabee tells FOX News that he would deny ALL funding to sanctuary cities: http://bit.ly/1T3ZPMN
  • [The Hill] Border security first, legalization – who knows! That is the Huckabee position on #immigration: http://bit.ly/1T40deh
  • [Think Progress] Immigrants come to this country “because they heard there is a bowl of food just across the border” – Huckabee http://bit.ly/1DqHDLM

Ben Carson

Twitter Handle: @RealBenCarson

America’s Voice Profile on Ben Carson

  • [National Review] Ben Carson supports immigrants leaving the US, and then applying for reentry: http://bit.ly/1T47FGn
  • [MSNBC] Secure the border “so that people wouldn’t see a reason to come here” – Ben Carson http://on.msnbc.com/1T489fo
  • Ben Carson’s Immigration Plan Includes Making Immigrants Guest Workers, Not Citizens. Sealed Border Withint A Year: http://bit.ly/1MpBClT

Sen. Ted Cruz

Twitter Handle: @TedCruz

America’s Voice Profile on Sen. Ted Cruz

  • [AV] Remember the time Ted Cruz tried to shut down the Dept. of Homeland Security? Yeah, we do too: http://bit.ly/1AwG5bU
  • [AV] Senator Cruz often speaks of his father’s immigrant story, but he does not want you to fulfill yours: http://bit.ly/1DqSTYz
  • [AV] Never forget – Ted Cruz wanted the Senate to defund DACA:http://bit.ly/1IlCSSg
  • Donald Trump And Ted Cruz To Rally Alongside Anti-Muslim Activists In DC – http://bit.ly/1Y8HOCj

Sen. Marco Rubio

Twitter Handle: @MarcoRubio

America’s Voice Profile on Sen. Marco Rubio

Sen. Rand Paul

Twitter Handle: @RandPaul

America’s Voice Profile on Sen. Rand Paul

Gov. Chris Christie

Twitter Handle: @ChrisChristie

America’s Voice Profile on Gov. Chris Christie

  • [CNN] Chris Christie believes that a path way to citizenship is an “extreme way to go:” http://cnn.it/1MbCb26
  • [Fox News Latino] “I’m not doing it” – Gov. Christie on driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants: http://bit.ly/1IltSwI
  • [The Hill] Governor Christie clueless on what to do with the 11M undocumented immigrants in the US: http://bit.ly/1DqIpbK


  • Chris Christie suggested that immigrants should be tracked like FedEx packages – http://cnn.it/1OtOzuk

Gov. John Kasich

Twitter Handle: @JohnKasich

America’s Voice Profile on Gov. John Kasich

  • [AV] Governor John Kasich does not want to deport an Ohio mother, still blocks DAPA: http://bit.ly/1DsirEk
  • [AV] Gov. John Kasich’s homestate of Ohio is ground-zero for the immigration debate: http://bit.ly/1MbAEt3
  • Toledo Blade Editorial On Immigration is Right, But Gov. Kasich’s Immigration Stance Deserves Further Scrutiny – http://bit.ly/1FL7kCi


Twitter Handle: @CarlyFiorina

America’s Voice Profile on Carly Fiorina