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Gov. Scott Walker

gov. scott walker

The GOP’s Latest Latino Outreach Strategy? Making Their Children Cry

Looks like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s outreach to Latinos and immigrants is to make their young children weep at the prospect of deportation. During a stop in Iowa on Sunday, Jose, an undocumented dad, and his two U.S. citizen children confronted Walker about the bogus lawsuit Wisconsin and 25 other states filed last year to … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Tracking Scott Walker’s Lurch To The Right On Immigration

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is set to officially join the Republican presidential race today.  America’s Voice has released a series of resources that help track and make sense of Walker’s immigration stance – which Frank Sharry has deemed a mix between radical and incoherent. Read a detailed backgrounder on Scott Walker and immigration: AV press statement: … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Mitt Romney’s Deputy Campaign Manager: “Don’t Repeat Mitt’s Mistakes on Immigration”

With a few notable exceptions, the 2016 GOP field has lurched right on immigration.  Scott Walker talks about 11 million people having to go back to their countries of origin.  Chris Christie calls granting citizenship to immigrants “extreme.”  Marco Rubio speaks out of both sides of his mouth, trying to cover up his betrayal of … Continue reading »

Santorum & Walker Advancing Anti-Immigrant Movement’s Cruel Wish-list as Rest of GOP Field Waffles on Immigration Reform

On “Fox News Sunday” yesterday, Rick Santorum responded to a question regarding what to do about 11 million undocumented immigrants living and working in America by rejecting the notion of a path to legalization and saying, “You just use E-Verify.  You require E-Verify.” While Santorum was careful not to use the infamous Mitt Romney phrase “self-deportation,” this is … Continue reading »

Immigration Forms Sharp Divide as 2016 Presidential Field Takes Shape

Democrats Stepping Up AS GOP Contenders Step (Way) Back Immigration is shaping up as one of the sharpest points of contrast between the two parties’ 2016 presidential fields.  While Democrats are embracing pro-immigrant policies and leaning into the new politics of immigration at a never-before-seen level, Republicans seem intent to ignore the lessons of the 2012 election … Continue reading »

Must-Read: “Republicans Hope To Avoid Mitt Romney’s Mistakes On Immigration”

From Elise Foley comes a must-read piece on the immigration conundrum facing the national Republican Party as it enters the 2016 Presidential election. Following Mitt Romney’s 2012 landslide defeat among Latinos — thanks in huge part to his failed “self-deportation” policy — some GOP strategists realized the party needed a complete immigration overhaul if it … Continue reading »

Republicans Prepared to Repeat their “Original Sin” on Immigration in 2016

In analysis from the home stretch of the 2012 presidential campaign titled, “His Original Sin,” Ron Brownstein of National Journal noted that Mitt Romney’s general election chances were all but destroyed by his run to the hardline right during the primary season.  Wrote Brownstein, “Of all Romney’s primary-season decisions, the most damaging was his choice to repel the challenges … Continue reading »

Republican 2016 Contenders Not Passing the Laugh Test on Immigration

The Republican presidential field just can’t seem to avoid stepping in it on immigration.  Every week, nearly every 2016 contender seems to prove our point, that immigration is the GOP’s Kryptonite.  Among some of the recent developments: Chris Christie Calls 70% of Americans “Extreme” on Immigration: Despite carefully cultivating an image as a blunt truth-teller, New Jersey Governor … Continue reading »

GOP Contenders Left Speechless by Clinton Immigration Remarks, But Silence Doesn’t Erase Their Problems

Her Bold Move This Week Puts the Ball in GOP Court, But Most Top Contenders Don’t Seem to Feel Like Playing In the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s immigration remarks, which we view as both far-reaching and significant on policy and politically savvy, the silence from several of the leading 2016 Republican presidential contenders has been deafening. As David Nakamura and Robert … Continue reading »

Texas Gov. Abbott: Real Purpose of Anti-Immigrant Lawsuit Is To Block Protection From Deportation

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott just let the cat out of the bag. Abbott has led the charge against President Obama’s 2014 immigration actions, with both DAPA and expanded DACA now on hold as the courts decide to whether or not let the programs go forward. Up until now, Abbott has been insisting that his … Continue reading »