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McCauley Column, NYT Editorial Provoke Compelling Questions about Ohio Mom’s Deportation

McCauley Column, NYT Editorial Provoke Compelling Questions about Ohio Mom’s Deportation The headline of Byron McCauley’s column in the Cincinnati Enquirer about Oswaldo, Maribel Trujillo’s eldest son, is heartbreaking: “His mom deported, 15 year-old boy left with questions,” and so is the entire piece.  Just read the first lines: Deported mother separated from 15-year-old son … Continue reading »

Actually, US Hispanic Chamber, Gov. Kasich Does Have a Track Record With Latinos

Just Ask The Ohio Immigrant Families That Met With Him The Washington Post reported that the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will endorse Ohio Governor John Kasich for President today.  From the Post: During a public forum with the candidates, the group’s president and CEO, Javier Palomarez, admitted that Kasich “doesn’t have a huge track record of … Continue reading »

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich: Donald Trump Is A Fraud But We’ll Support Him For President Anyway

The headdesk moment of the Republican debate came thanks to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who spent most of the night attacking Donald Trump, then pledged to support him as the GOP’s nominee for President. John Kasich, who was a bit of an afterthought last night, also vowed to support him as the nominee. The endorsements from … Continue reading »

“For Us, It’s Dignity”: Ohioans Host “DAPA Dinner” To Highlight Need For Relief For Immigrant Families

On Saturday, members of the Lorain, Ohio community hosted a luncheon as part of the “DAPA Dinners” campaign to highlight how DAPA and expanded DACA could help the state’s immigrant families and children. The event was organized by DAPA-eligible families and leaders from the Lorain Ohio Immigrant Rights Association (LOIRA), Cleveland Jobs with Justice, and … Continue reading »

New Report Shows Republican Lawsuit Against DACA/DAPA Costing Ohio Millions

By Stalling Programs in Court Gov. Kasich and Attorney General DeWine Are Denying The State Tax Revenue As the Supreme Court prepares to hear the case over President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, evidence continues to grow that upholding the policies is not just the right thing to do for millions of families with American … Continue reading »

Behind On The Presidential Election? We Have You Covered

It’s only February and the 2016 general election is still over 270 days away, but so much has already happen in this year’s cycle, it’s hard to keep track. On the Republican side, the Presidential field has gone from 15 candidates, to just seven as of today: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, … Continue reading »

How John Kasich Fell Prey to The Trump Effect With His Own Ad About Trump

Peter Beinart of The Atlantic is out with a new piece about the “Trump Effect” on other 2016 candidates, using Jeb Bush and John Kasich’s appearances on Sunday talk shows as examples. On CBS’ Face the Nation, Jeb Bush refused to answer direct questions about whether Trump’s plan to register Muslims is “fascist,” once again … Continue reading »

Speaking Out Against Donald Trump’s “Authoritarian Nightmare” Vision of America

For the past six months, the mainstream media has been broadcasting Donald Trump’s racially charged rhetoric, ripped from the fringes of the anti-immigrant and white nationalist movements, as if it were normal political discourse.  But these words and “policy” prescriptions are having real-life consequences, including numerous instances of attacks and harassment against Latinos, Muslim-Americans, and African-Americans linked to the “combustible” atmosphere fostered … Continue reading »

“Out Of Touch”: Immigration Advocates React To Last Night’s Republican Primary Debate On Twitter

Last night’s Republican debate in Milwaukee featured an extended discussion on immigration — check out a longer take from America’s Voice here — including Donald Trump praising “Operation Wetback,” one of the darkest periods in American history. While many noted Jeb Bush and John Kasich deserved credit for speaking up against the disturbing mass deportation plan pushed … Continue reading »

Four Immigration Takeaways from Last Night’s GOP Presidential Debate

Last night’s Republican debate featured an extended discussion on immigration – a conversation that has continued during candidates’ post-debate media tours.  Below are four of our key immigration takeaways: Donald Trump Wants to Model Mass-Deportation After “Operation Wetback” – One of Darkest Chapters of Modern American History: Trump’s immigration comments during last night’s debate were … Continue reading »