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UPDATE: Nevada Family Torn Apart By ICE’s Zero-Tolerance Policies

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I am sad to report, Christian Hervis has been deported back to Mexico.

Despite our best effort to keep the Hervis family together, ICE moved ahead and removed Christian without hesitation. His U.S. Citizen wife, Viviana, and his three U.S. Citizen children are distraught – as they learned about Christian’s deportation yesterday at noon.

Viviana has the following message to everyone who supported her campaign:

Thank you for your support and for signing the petition. I am feeling very depressed and sad, and my kids are not taking these news very well. However, I want to let everyone know that I am not giving up, and that I will continue to fight in order to reunite my family.

ICE was aware of Christian’s approved I-130, which put him in line for a Green Card, and despite messages of support, calls to ICE officials, and a petition with over 700 signatures, Christian was still removed from the country.

This is the latest case where ICE continues to exhibit their relentless zero-tolerance deportation practices, which ignore the current guidelines for prosecutorial discretion, and pleas from families and community members alike. A very disturbing trend, which continues to be amplified as family after family is ripped apart.

As we continue to see more of these case, it become even clearer that ICE’s intentions revolve around the use of the of the 2014 deportation guidelines as a rubber stamp — not giving any consideration or second look to the cases are presented to them.

Approved family petitions? Ignored.
Your U.S. Citizen spouse has a medical condition? Overlooked.
Letters of support from the community? Not considered.

This is what a typical day must look like inside Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Christian joins the ranks of Jose Lizandro Escobar-Vera and Pastor Max, both cases that we have profiled in the past. Yet another family is torn apart by local ICE in Nevada, and another failure for Sarah Saldaña – who heads ICE and did not step in to prevent Christian’s removal from the country.

Thank you for supporting Viviana and her family throughout this campaign.

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