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The Fix on Immigration: American People Support Citizenship, Republicans "Hard-Pressed to Vote Against"

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At The Fix, the Washington Post’s political blogger Chris Cillizza, took a close look at the new Politico/George Washington University Battleground Poll (which we wrote about yesterday.) Cillizza came up with a number of “takeaways,” including this one on immigration:

People are ready for immigration reform. While it’s not a top-of-mind issue (see point No. 1 above), when prompted a large majority (62 percent) support “an immigration reform proposal that allows illegal or undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship over a period of several years.” Just 35 percent oppose such a measure. Asked whether they would support the children of illegal immigrants being allowed to stay permanently if they get a college degree or serve in the military — essentially the DREAM Act that has been proposed in Congress — 77 percent of people said they would back that measure.

What those numbers mean is that if President Obama moves an immigration proposal early next year, Republicans will be hard-pressed to vote against it.

Cillizza has his finger on the pulse of Washington conventional wisdom, and, in this case, conventional wisdom matches reality. On immigration reform with a path to citizenship, the American people want it, the Democrats (led by President Obama) promised it and Republicans need it.