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Senate Judiciary Committee Approves 6 GOP Border Security Amendments

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And rejects others, including Grassley4, which would have held off legalization until impossible border security measures had been met.  Here are some of the security amendments that have been passed:

Grassley2 – Adds Senate and House Judiciary Committees to list of bodies Secretary reports to on Border Strategy, implementation of strategy, Ombudsman reporting on Interagency Collaboration, Secretary reporting on reducing barriers to naturalization. Also specifies that L Blanket Petition Process report go to Judiciary committees.

Grassley5 – To require the DHS Chief Financial Officer to submit annual audited financial statements concerning the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Trust Fund. The audits shall include a report from a CPA, a balance sheet, a cash flow statement, and other information that the auditors deem important.

Sessions36 – Expands the functions of the USCIS Ombudsman to include providing assistance to individuals and families who have been the victims of crimes committed by aliens or violence near the United States border.

Cornyn6 – Adds severe forms of trafficking in persons to the violent crimes reporting required by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

Flake1 – This amendment increases the number of members that sit on the DHS Oversight Task Force from 26 to 29 in order to include 3 private land representatives. One representative would come from the Northern border region and 2 would come from the Southern border region.

Flake2 – Substitutes status report deadlines described as month and day with deadlines of every 180 days. Adds the Comptroller General to the list of entities to which to report. Adds a subsection directing the Comptroller to review the semi-annual reports and submit an assessment on the status and progress of the Southern Border Security Strategy to the Congressional Committees named in section 5.