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New Democrat Coalition Immigration Task Force: Strengthening Our Economy through Immigration Reform


The following is a press release from the New Democrat Coalition:

Today, New Democrat Coalition Chair Ron Kind (WI-03), Vice Chair Rep. Rick Larsen (WA-02), Immigration Task Force Chairs Reps. Jared Polis (CO-02), Joaquin Castro (TX-20), and Joe Garcia (FL-26), and other New Dem Members released a framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform designed to build an immigration system that reflects our American values, focuses on growing our economy, reunites families, and ensures that immigrant communities can successfully integrate and fully participate in our communities, economy, and civil society.

“The New Democrats have always been focused on creating greater economic prosperity for America, and we know that immigration reform will create jobs, spur innovation, and help America compete in a global economy,” said Chair Kind. “The Coalition is proud to announce these principles, and we are working with real urgency to pass immigration reform this year.”

“I am proud of the New Democrat Coalition for taking a stand on immigration reform for the first time,” said Rep. Polis. “Our immigration principles make an economic argument for the immigration reform. As we discuss the need for immigration reform, we must recognize that immigration has been an economic engine that has grown our economy for generations and that the economic benefits of immigrants in spurring innovation, starting businesses and creating jobs. I look forward to working with the other members of the New Democrat Coalition to ensure that we can pass a bipartisan immigration reform package that spurs economic growth, facilitates legal immigration and creates a pathway to citizenship for those who are unlawfully present in our communities.”

“As part of the New Democrat Coalition Immigration Task Force, I am encouraged that the immigration debate is taking place in earnest right now and I’m confident that our principles are yet another step forward,” said Rep. Castro. “I look forward to working with my colleagues in the coming months to craft legislation for a fair and efficient immigration system.”

“Together, we have laid the groundwork for historic reforms to our broken immigration system and strengthen America’s economy,” said Rep. Garcia. “Immigration reform will create jobs, spur innovation and continue to make our country competitive in a global economy. Our history has shown that immigrants and their children are more likely to start businesses, whether they be family owned businesses or whether they be large startups that create hundreds or thousands of jobs for American workers. “

The New Democrat Coalition principles for reforming our country’s broken immigration system include:

  • Reforming our employment-based and family-based immigration system to reduce bureaucratic backlogs, ensure family reunification and spur job growth, innovation, entrepreneurship and American competitiveness in the global economy.
  • Ensuring sufficient resources are dedicated to border enforcement, while recognizing the importance of having smart enforcement and investments in infrastructure and resources that will ensure fluid legal trade, travel, and tourism.
  • Ensuring any mandatory employment verification system not only prevents illegal employment, but also does not place an undue burden on business owners, while also ensuring the protection of all American workers.
  • Addressing the undocumented immigrants who are part of our communities through a pathway to citizenship.

The principles were developed by the New Democrat Coalition Immigration Task Force which includes Task Force Chairs Representatives Polis, Castro, and Garcia alongside their Co-Chairs Representatives Ron Barber (AZ-02), Lois Capps (CA-24), Bill Foster (IL-11), Bill Owens (NY-21), Mike Quigley (IL-05), Loretta Sanchez (CA-46), Adam Smith (WA-09),  Juan Vargas (CA-51), and Filemon Vela (TX-34).

To see the complete set of principles, click here.