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Must-Read News in Immigration Reform, April 30, 2013

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New York Times: Immigration Splits Senator From Mentor
By Ashley Parker

USA Today: Tech companies driving the lobbying on immigration
By Fredreka Schouten and Alan Gomez

Laws.com: America’s Voice Education Fund and the Debate on Immigration Reform

Voxxi: Deferred action: 99.5 percent of requests approved? USCIS refutes claim
By Griselda Nevarez

Huffington Post: House Immigration Bill Will Be Tougher Than ‘Gang Of 8’ Plan, GOP Member Says
By Elise Foley

Associated Press: Soft-spoken Virginian holds sway on immigration
By Erica Werner

Roll Call: Goodlatte’s Piecemeal Approach on Immigration Has an Upside
By David Drucker

Associated Press: National lawmakers pledge immigration compromise
By Michael Brick

Roll Call: Sam Johnson: An Unlikely Immigration Negotiator
By Jonathan Strong

BuzzFeed: Republican Immigration Nightmare Could Recur
By McKay Coppins

ABC/Univision: The Era of Partisanship Isn’t Over
By Jordan Fabian

KTAR: McCain, Graham talk immigration bill at town hall meeting
By Sandra Haros

Politico: GOP 2016 poll: Rubio slightly ahead
By Kevin Robillard

Talking Points Memo: Sherrod Brown Likes What He Sees In Immigration Reform — So Far
By Brian Beutler

Los Angeles Times: Milken conference panel: Immigration reform would boost economy
By Ricardo Lopez

Bloomberg: Murdoch Says Immigration Bill Has Enough Backing to Pass
By James Nash

Washington Post (Wonkblog): How low-skilled guest workers could become citizens under ‘Gang of 8′ bill
By Dylan Matthews

Medill News Service: Immigration plan would add drones, already under scrutiny, to border security
By Cathaleen Chen and Kimberly Railey

NPR: With Or Without Overhaul, Immigration Lawyers In Short Supply
By Sandhya Dirks

NPR: Could Immigration Reform Plan Hurt Black Workers?

National Journal: Elizabeth Colbert Busch to Mark Sanford: ‘You Didn’t Tell the Truth’
By Beth Reinhard

Talking Points Memo: Iowa GOP Guv Says King Shouldn’t Run For Senate: ‘The Last Thing We Need Is Another Congressman’
By Tom Kludt

New York Times: Justices Decline to Take Case on Alabama Immigration Law
By Adam Liptak

The Hill: Supreme Court won’t hear Alabama immigration law
By Daniel Strauss

USA Today (Editorial): Immigration reform foes stoop low

Politico (Opinion): The immigration solution the nation needs
By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Ryan Takes a Key Role on Immigration
By Gerald Seib

The Hill (Blog): Rubio immigration plan seeks improvement, momentum
By Matt Mackowiak

Washington Post (Blog): How conservatives will try to kill immigration reform
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Blog): Strength in numbers on immigration reform
By Jennifer Rubin

New York Times (Blog): Alabama’s Loss, Alabama’s Gain
By Lawrence Downes