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Meet Elizabeth, US Marine Corps Vet, Whose Husband Was Deported in 2010

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In Ohio, more than 100 advocates are continuing their 20 mile pilgrimage to call attention to the deportation system and the separation of families.  Last week, we profiled Marisela, who is leading today’s march, whose husband and brother died in the desert as they were trying to re-cross into the US to reunite with their wives and children.

Below is a video of another advocate, Elizabeth Perez of Cleveland, a US Marine Corps vet who served for 10 years–and whose husband was deported in 2010.  Late last year, the Obama Administration announced that it was changing its deportation priorities so that the spouses, children, and parents of active duty military personnel might be protected from deportation–a move that comes too late for Elizabeth’s family.

As Elizabeth says in the video:

I feel that after spending 10 years of my life for my country [which] I love, I don’t want to be exiled from my country because I can’t have my husband.  He’s my husband, and I’m not going to leave my husband for anything.  We have children together.

Watch Elizabeth’s video below: