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DREAMers Refuse To Be Silenced By Citizens United And Iowa’s Steve King

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Yesterday, immigration leaders held a press conference in front of the Polk County Courthouse in Des Moines, Iowa, to send a message to 2016 GOP Presidential candidates that DREAMers will not be intimidated by recent actions from Steve King.

DREAMers Cesar Vargas and Marco Malagon are currently facing trespassing charges after both were arrested at the Iowa Freedom Summit last January, a GOP gathering attended by several Republican candidates, and hosted by King and Citizens United.

The two were arrested — without any explanation — for standing while holding signs and asking Gov. Chris Christie and former Gov. Rick Perry about their support for the bogus lawsuit filed by the Republican Governors and Attorneys General of 26 states to block DAPA and expanded DACA.

Christian Berg, Deputy General Counsel at Citizens United, was listed as the only witness on the official police documents recording the GOP event.

“Today was a significant day, because today we are demonstrating not just the faces of the undocumented community, but the faces of DREAMers,” Vargas said at the press conference following yesterday’s court proceedings.

“We’re also making sure that we are keeping Iowa as a state where the American people — anyone, regardless of where they come from — they have the opportunity to challenge politicians, to question them, to remind them that ultimately it’s what the people decide, not special interests.”

In recent months, every major Republican candidate for President has come out in support of the lawsuit to end DAPA and expanded DACA, which leaves millions of families with deep roots and ties to the United States at continued risk of deportation.

Both Texas and New Jersey are listed as plaintiffs on the lawsuit which attempts to end President Obama’s immigration actions. DAPA and expanded DACA would benefit an estimated 5 million families across the country, allowing them to work legally, continue contributing to their local and state economies, and live free from the fear of deportation.

“For us it’s about our families,” Vargas said during the press conference.

A decision in the trespassing charges against Vargas and Malagon could be expected this week.