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Immigration Reform Advocates Deliver 10k Petitions to Rep. Farenthold; Farenthold Gives Supporters Free Lunch to Stand Against Families

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Something ugly happened yesterday in Corpus Christi, Texas when almost 50 immigration reform activists from TexasRITA and other groups gathered at Rep. Blake Farenthold’s (R-TX) district office to deliver 10,000 petitions asking the Congressman to support immigration reform and a path to citizenship.  Ten thousand petitions in a single district, by the way, is far from something you see every day.

Farenthold, in response, went on the offensive, tweeting at and asking his own followers to show up at his office to stand with him against immigration reform and against families.  The event quickly became chaotic as Farenthold’s supporters began shouting down the folks on our side and asking them if they were illegal.  One activist, who has participated in rallies in anti-immigrant places like SB-1070 Arizona, told us that Farenthold’s supporters in Texas were some of the “meanest” immigration opponents he’d ever seen.  Another, who had been planning to live-stream the event, was unable to because he became fearful for his young children and dropped back to be with them.

In the end, the immigration reform advocates were left shaken, while Farenthold’s supporters (according to a tweet, below) enjoyed a free lunch.

Which leaves the question: Rep. Farenthold, why are so you afraid to talk to immigrants and their families?  Why did Farenthold feel the need to call in a cavalry yesterday, which only bullied, harassed, and shouted down immigrants?

Here’s the story of yesterday via Twitter:

Below are photos of the activists delivering the 10,000 petitions yesterday.  The petitions said:

Americans deserve a vote on immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  Steve King got his vote against DREAMers and you gave him your vote on the deportation of DREAMers earlier this summer.  When do we get our vote on a path to citizenship?  We’re counting on you to do the right thing for Texas and to keep families together.  Demand that House leaders schedule a vote on reform with a roadmap to citizenship.


Rep. Farenthold actively campaigned and organized his supporters to turn them out against the immigration reform activists–who were only planning to come talk to him and deliver their petitions:


Many of Farenthold’s supporters got angry, shouting down DREAMers and slurring the immigrant activists:


In the end, Farenthold’s supporters enjoyed a free lunch–for turning out and shouting down families:

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