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ICYMI: Building companies, California cities boycott Trump’s border monstrosity

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In a new piece for Bloomberg, “Trump’s Wall is 30 Feet of Scary Politics for Builders,” Thomas Black highlights the resistance to bidding on Trump’s border monstrosity by major building companies who “won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.”  Black writes:

The wall and Trump’s insistence that Mexico pay for it have incensed broad swaths of that nation’s population. The potential consumer backlash for any company daring to profit makes it unlikely that cement producers including Cemex and Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua SAB and steelmakers such as Altos Hornos de Mexico SAB or Industrias CH SAB would participate. Cemex and Grupo Cementos have plants in Texas and near the Mexican border that normally would be in a good position to supply the project.

Meanwhile, Gabe Ortiz in Daily Kos writes that the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco are introducing or passing measures calling for a boycott of companies who actually do go ahead and bid on the wall.  A series of the state’s elected officials have expressed commitment to preserving California as an inclusive haven that celebrates immigrants and their contributions to the economic and cultural fabric of the state.

The piece quotes Oakland Councilman Abel Guillén, among other California policymakers, stating: “Rather than build walls, we need to be building housing.”

Read the complete Bloomberg piece here, and the Daily Kos piece here.