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Eagle Forum Call Features "Joke" About Shooting Sen. Collins Over Immigration Reform

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A Tea Party-sponsored call last night featuring Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)’s communication director and the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector also featured an alleged “joke” about shooting Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) over her potential support for immigration reform.

According to Think Progress, this is what happened when the moderator opened up the phone lines to callers:

BOB FROM MAINE: I’m from Maine and our Tea Party will be meeting up next week. What is the best way that we can get our senator to listen to us?

ANOTHER CALLER: Shoot her. [laughter]

MODERATOR: Yes, we will shoot her with…(inaudible) and phone calls.

No one voiced their opposition after the so-called “joke,” with other callers only voicing laughter and “oohs”.  (Apparently by that time, Sessions’ communications director had already left the call.)

The call was hosted by the super-conserved Eagle Forum, hosted by Phyllis Schlafly, a proponent of the “North American Union” conspiracy theory which believes that global elites are planning to surrender American sovereignty on a planned merger with Canada and Mexico.  Sen. Jeff Sessions, of course, is the anti-immigrant Senator now well known for doing his best to delay and thwart the Gang of 8 immigration bill in Senate markup.  And Robert Rector is an author of the recent, heavily panned Heritage Report on the economics of immigration, which also featured co-author Jason Richwine of ‘Hispanics have lower IQs’ fame.