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DREAMers March on Capitol Telling Congress to Stand With Families


2By Yoli Navas:

This week United We DREAM leaders are busy rallying support for the bipartisan immigration reform bill being debated on the Senate Floor.  They began yesterday by flooding the halls of Congress to ask their Senators to vote for a bill that will keep families together and create a clear path to citizenship. After visiting members of Congress they marched to the Capitol decked in graduation gowns and caps, holding signs that said “Stand With Families,” and making it known that they are “THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY DREAMERS!”

Twenty-year-old DREAMer Yves Gomes spoke today of the pain he knows all too well from being separated from his family. Yves’ father was a hardworking man, and his mother was a college professor earning her PhD in computer science. His family paid taxes and contributed to the community. But in 2008, Yves’ father was pulled over for a busted tail light. ICE came to Yves’ house and that was the last time he saw his father.  Yves’ explains that it has been five years since he has seen his parents and it hurts him everyday. After telling his story, Yves Gomes asked his fellow DREAMers to fight, and to continue fighting until a comprehensive immigration bill is passed.

Yves Gomes is only one of many DREAMers who are fighting for reform. And DREAMers from UWD will continue to rally support this week and in the weeks to come in order to get Congress to pass a bill that creates a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants.