America is fighting a border war. With itself. U.S. President Barack Obama and his attorneys last week won a major battle. A judge overturned portions of a controversial new law in the southern state of Arizona aimed at fighting illegal immigration. Continue »
Tomasa Bulux speaks Spanish to her children, maintains an altar at home representing her Mayan culture's view of the world and meets once a week with Mayan immigrants who speak her indigenous Quiche tongue. Continue »
According to their Boycott Intolerance website, the major Latino advocacy group NCLR has raised the funds needed to inform "millions of people who pass through Times Square each day about the dangers of Arizona's new immigration law," SB 1070. Continue »


Tell Congress: 200,000 Good Reasons

Wow, what a week!  It's time to tell Congress that now that health care reform has passed, they have 200,000... Continue »

While the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and the FBI investigate whether a Mexican drug cartel has placed a $1 million price on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's head, Phoenix's Hispanic community continues to live in fear day in and day out, while in Staten Island police are making arrests in the... Continue »
CBS reports Palin’s latest headline-grabber: “Palin: Obama Doesn’t Have the ‘Cojones’ for Immigration Reform”. That pretty much sums up the level of the discourse here. Continue »
Scheduled to take effect only last week, enforcement of Arizona's new anti-immigration law was largely enjoined by a federal judge in Phoenix. The court order will have a number of effects, both expected and unexpected. Continue »
From Phoenix to Philadelphia, Republican candidates are pandering to their base, proposing to round up and kick out illegal immigrants. Meantime, even as it deports far more undocumented workers than its predecessor, the Obama administration and its allies seek to frighten Hispanics into voting Democratic. For the voters and politicians,... Continue »
U.S. immigration officials are boosting efforts to protect immigrant crime victims with increased funding and greater outreach to publicize visa opportunities for those who assist law enforcement in prosecuting their perpetrators. Continue »
CBS reports Palin's latest headline-grabber in, "Palin: Obama Doesn't Have the 'Cojones' for Immigration Reform". That pretty much sums up the level of the discourse here. See, it comes down to whose "balls" are bigger – Palin's, Brewer's, or Obama's. There's certainly more than enough testosterone in this debate... Continue »