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Tell Congress: 200,000 Good Reasons

Wow, what a week!  It’s time to tell Congress that now that health care reform has passed, they have 200,000 good reasons to move immigration reform next.

We Need Your Voice Today!

Last week, Congressman Luis Gutierrez introduced a bill that would bring 12 million people out of the shadows and into the full protection of the law. This is the first concrete step in restoring justice to our badly broken immigration system. It is urgent that we start the fight strong – please raise your voice now and ask your Representatives to co-sponsor the bill!

Lou Dobbs? Not Tonight! (Thank You)

Last night, Lou Dobbs announced that he was retiring from CNN. Wow! You helped us raise money to put an ad on TV called “CNN: Drop the Hate, Drop Dobbs,” and your hard work surely helped get “Lou Dobbs Tonight” canceled. Thank you. Please help us spread the word and grow our movement for change — our voices do matter!

Tell CNN to Tune In!

Together, we raised the $16,000 needed to run our TV ad on CNN – telling the station to drop Lou Dobbs’s one-sided, anti-immigrant “news” show. Unfortunately, CNN isn’t having it. They have refused to air our “Drop the Hate” TV ad. Well, we’re not giving up– we are airing the ad on MSNBC, and we need your voice now!

Tell CNN: Drop the Hate, Drop Dobbs

Taken together, Dobbs’ statements on air paint an ugly picture of race-baiting, fear, and intolerance. Every weeknight, CNN airs one full hour of Hate TV called “Lou Dobbs Tonight.” America’s Voice is fighting back with a new TV ad—and we need your help to get it on the air!

Help Fight The Lies – Fight FAIR!

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a designated hate group, is storming DC to lobby Congress this week. Their goal? To block solutions on immigration and other key reforms– to sow division and fear with lies about immigrants and the President’s plans for reform. America’s Voice has launched a video, ads, and easy ways to take action to “fight FAIR.” Join us!

Kennedy – Hero on Immigration: A Tribute and a Timeline

For many immigrant and refugee communities, the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy was a hero. Check out our new Tribute page and Timeline, which covers key highlights from this crucial aspect of his life’s work.Sign the letter to honor his immigration legacy now!

Tell DHS: Enough is Enough!

As portrayed in our latest video, “Enough!”, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been paying for what a recent law report calls a dangerous “cowboy” operation with our tax dollars. It’s time to put an end to Bush-era immigration enforcement. Take action!

Enough is Enough- It’s Time to Kick Arpaio Out

Last week, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced big changes to the government program that turns local cops into immigration agents (the so-called “287-g” program). The changes are a start, but they haven’t stopped Sheriff Joe’s dangerous and racist antics- take action!

Netroots Nation Blogger Scholar Program

The annual Netroots Nation Convention, entering its fourth year now, is a unique gathering of bloggers, activists, issue campaigns, and more. This year, America’s Voice will send 8 immigration bloggers to Pittsburgh, PA to attend the convention, with the help of the Netroots Nation planning committee. Apply today!

Fight the Nastiness- Contact Your Senator Now

Senator Sessions and his anti-immigrant cronies are ready to do anything to keep Congress from considering real, comprehensive immigration reform. Hardline immigration-restrictionist Senators introduced nasty amendments to the DHS Appropriations Act this week, and they passed. This means more empty rhetoric on immigration and less of the real, bipartisan solutions we need. Raise your voice!

Immigration Meeting at White House: Raise Your Voice

President Obama had a very productive meeting on immigration this week with select Members of Congress. This is a big step toward passing real, comprehensive immigration reform. Please send a message to Congress in support of reform – our representatives in Washington need to hear from you!

Tell Brisenia’s Story

A month ago, anti-immigrant activists brutally shot and killed nine-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father. Please learn more on this page and then help us spread the word by sending an email to 10 of your friends and family. We cannot afford to stand silent in the face of extremism like this.

Demand Justice for Luis Remirez: Sign the Petition!

Last year, a group of teenagers brutally murdered Luis Ramirez. Just last week an all-white jury found three of the teens “not guilty” of the serious charges of third-degree murder and ethnic intimidation, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Please sign the petition to the Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney General to prosecute Luis’s murder as a federal Hate Crime — ask that justice is served.

Immigration is Heating Up – Tell Congress YES to Reform

This Friday, May 1st, thousands around the country called on Congress to do the right thing on immigration — and to improve the treatment of all workers. Whether or not you hit the street on May 1st, don’t miss the virtual march for immigration reform this week. Together we can show Congress that there is a growing movement that stands with the President to pass real immigration reform!

Immigration Reform This Year – Send a Fax

President Obama just stood up for real immigration reform in an article on the front page of the New York Times! We need as many voices as possible thanking President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid for their leadership on immigration reform. Please send a fax, and ask your friends and family members to send their own notes to Washington! 

Stand up for Families During Easter Recess

family video With our Representatives in Washington home for Easter Recess, people of moral conscience from coast to coast are joining together to voice their concerns. Watch a video about the new movement by people of faith and write a letter to Congress asking for just, humane, and comprehensive immigration reform this year! 

Just Ask Joe: Sign the Letter to Congress

sheriffjoe You raised your voice against Sheriff Arpaio’s abuses – and Washington heard it. Now, Congress is holding a hearing to investigate the tactics of others like Arpaio. We want to make sure Members of Congress ask hard-hitting questions–and we need your help to do that! 

Support the Dream Act- Send a Fax!

dream act Each year about 65,000 U.S.-raised students, who would qualify for a status-adjustment under the DREAM Act, graduate from high school with zero prospects for the future. They live in constant fear that they or their families will be deported, and they are not allowed to give back to the country they call home. Support the Dream Act, a critical piece of real immigration reform that would change this. 

Thank the Speaker: Raids are Un-American!

Speaker Pelosi Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has come out strongly for immigration reform and against raids. Speaking at a church in her hometown, she argued that knocking down doors in the middle of the night to tear mothers from their children is “un-American.”

Vote for the Top Anti-Immigrant Wolf

wolf video The “Nativist Lobby” is stuck on the same, broken, blame-the-immigrants record. We’ve taken the Southern Poverty Law Center’s new report exposing FAIR, Numbers USA, and the Center for Immigration Studies, and built a site where you can vote on the worst of what these “anti-immigrant wolves in sheep’s clothing” have said– check it out! 

Sign a Petition: Investigate Sheriff Arpaiosheriff joe attention

With over 2,700 lawsuits against him, a history of virulently anti-immigrant and anti-Latino tactics, and 40,000 felony warrants outstanding in his jurisdiction, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has fostered a climate in which real criminals roam free while hard-working immigrants live in fear. America’s Voice is calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to begin a federal investigation into his tactics, giving Sheriff Arpaio the attention he really deserves.

Share Your Story

It is central to America’s Voice to tell the stories of the millions of hard-working immigrants trying to make lives for themselves in the United States. We’re eager to hear yours.

Send a Letter to the Editor

Writing a letter to the editor is a great way to make your voice heard. A well developed letter with one unified message is most powerful. Readers really do pay attention to Letters to the Editor, because they get to see their neighbors and friends writing in and are curious about where they stand. Policy makers also read them to gauge the views of their constituents.

Write to Congress

Our federal immigration system is broken, and Congress must step up to address the problem. Write your Representative and Senators and urge them to pursue comprehensive, common sense immigration reform. Tell them you support comprehensive immigration reform today.

Write to Your State Legislators

Your state legislators are in a powerful position to step up where Congress has fallen behind, by enacting common sense measures to integrate our communities and opposing counter-productive, over-aggressive policies. Urge your state legislators to support state and local proposals that help immigrants integrate into our communities, and oppose counter-productive approaches that take us further off track.

Tell Your Friends

Help spread the word about America’s Voice’s pursuit of real, comprehensive immigration reform by sending your friends and family an e-mail introducing them to us. We’ve made it easy to import your address book, and you should feel free to edit the actual message.