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Washington, DC – In sharp contrast to the Republican field, the 2016 Democratic candidates are united in support of a path to citizenship for aspiring Americans, and interim measures like DACA and DAPA.  It’s important to remember that this wasn’t always the case, and this is a huge victory for the immigration movement.       In fact, Pew Research … Continue reading »

New Pew Poll Shows Strong, Durable Support for Legal Status Across Party Lines Washington, DC – Amidst a backdrop of intra-GOP chaos, anew Pew Research Center poll shows broad, cross-party agreement on the crux of the immigration policy debate: what to do with the 11 million immigrants in this country without legal status. “The American people know what needs to … Continue reading »

But Implementation of New Enforcement Priorities is Incomplete, As Cases in Iowa, California Show Washington, DC – This week, the Associated Press reported on new deportation numbers for the past year.  A total of 231,000 people were deported, a drop of 42% from 2012.  As AP notes, the “overall total of 231,000 deportations generally does not … Continue reading »

English (en español al final de la página): Washington Post: The imaginary Trump piñata at the Hispanic Caucus banquet By David Montgomery October 9, 2015 AP: Obama Touts Immigration Reform in Speech to Hispanic Leaders October 8, 2015 Huffington Post: Obama: Backing Away From Immigration Reform Is ‘Not Leadership’ By Elise Foley October 8, 2015 … Continue reading »

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): Those Assimilating Immigrants October 7, 2015 La Opinion (Editorial): Delayed Justice is Not Justice October 7, 2015 Washington Post (Opinion): Why stop at deporting Mexicans? Go after the Irish, too. By Harold Meyerson October 7, 2015 Washington Post (The Fix): What most people don’t understand about immigrants — but should By … Continue reading »

FSU News: Fighting for change By Joseph Zeballos October 6, 2015 New York Times: Hillary Clinton Plans a More Humane Approach on Immigration By Alan Rappeport October 6, 2015 Huffington Post: Hillary Clinton: Obama’s Deportation Strategy Didn’t Work By Elise Foley October 6, 2015 Fusion: Colin Powell: ‘Let’s tell all the immigrants working in Trump … Continue reading »