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With Markup of Sen. Vitter Bill on the Horizon, America’s Voice Offers a Fresh Reminder of the Political and Policy Perils Associated with Anti-Community Safety Legislation   The Trump Effect continues to make its mark on Congress.  Following a series of GOP-led hearings last week aimed at portraying all immigrants as  criminals (a la Donald Trump’s racist … Continue reading »

*** MEDIA AVAILABILITY**** Ohio Immigrant Families Meet with Gov. Kasich and AG DeWine  End Day in Just as Much Limbo as They Started It Cleveland, OH—Yesterday, Ohio immigrants and their U.S. Citizen children, lawyers, and allies headed back to Columbus to meet directly with their Attorney General Mike DeWine and Governor John Kasich in separate meetings.  … Continue reading »

Coddling Anti-Immigrant Extremists, The GOP Has Brought Trump Effect Upon Itself By indulging, rather than standing up to, the anti-immigrant and nativist sentiments in its midst, the Republican Party has helped catalyze the rise of Donald Trump.  As we head into the first round of presidential primary debates, the Trump Effect threatens to divide the … Continue reading »

English (en español al final de la página): The Columbus Dispatch: Kasich, DeWine meet with immigration reformers By Randy Ludlow National Journal: Latino PACs Eye a Bigger Role in 2016 By Kimberly Railey MSNBC: Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, a study in contrasts on Latino outreach By Benjy Sarlin The Hill: Bush wants legal status … Continue reading »

English (en español al final de la página): Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed): GOP and Latinos: On immigration, history shows the way By Joe Trippi The Toledo Blade (Ohio): Group says Ohio will be at forefront of debate By Lauren Lindstrom Politico : Poll: Anger at Washington fuels Trump’s rise By Nick Gass CNN: What’s behind … Continue reading »

English (en español al final de la página): Washington Post: Donald Trump makes a Texas-size splash with visit to Mexican border By James Hohmann Washington Post: How Univision and Telemundo covered Donald Trump’s visit to the border By Ed O’Keefe Los Angeles Times: Donald Trump’s comments offend many U.S. Latinos, but not all By Kate … Continue reading »