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No Courage Shown by GOP Field* A major reason why Jorge Ramos’s back and forth with Donald Trump mattered was because he stood up to the bully and didn’t back down. As Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, noted yesterday, Donald Trump doesn’t just have a hard-edged immigration stance.  He is calling for the mass … Continue reading »

In a stunning move, Donald Trump booted the most influential journalist in the Latino world out of his press conference yesterday evening. The Post’s Janell Ross perfectly sums up the consequences this will have among Latino voters as Trump’s campaign becomes more and more vitriolic, and more and more Republican candidates for President refuse to … Continue reading »

And So Should You “This is personal, and that’s the big difference between Spanish-language and mainstream media, because he’s talking about our parents, our friends, our kids and our babies” -Jorge Ramos, Univision Following last night’s confrontation between Jorge Ramos of Univision and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump in Iowa, there is much debate about … Continue reading »

English (en español al final de la página): AP: Trump Proposals Risk Deepening GOP Rift on Immigration By Julie Pace and Bill Barrow Vox: The conservative establishment is in deep denial about Donald Trump’s appeal By Matthew Yglesius Yahoo News: Univision’s Jorge Ramos Comes Out Swinging: ‘It’s Not Donald Trump’s Country, This Is Our Country’ By Itay Hod … Continue reading »

English (en español al final de la página): AP: Trump says he’s proud he booted Univision’s Ramos from event By Jill Colvin and Sergio Bustos New York Times: Donald Trump Holds Firm, Saying Jorge Ramos Was ‘Out of Line’ By Alan Rappeport Washington Post: In Trump vs. Ramos, conservatives pick a side By David Weigel … Continue reading »

English (en español al final de la página): New York Times: At Donald Trump Event, Jorge Ramos of Univision Is Snubbed, Ejected and Debated By Trip Gabriel Wall Street Journal:  Donald Trump Boots Univision’s Ramos From News Conference By Heather Haddon Washington Post: Trump tangles with Latino newsman, launches fresh attacks on GOP rivals By … Continue reading »