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As Candidates Double Down on Hardline Immigration Stances, Latino Voters Mobilize  Despite evidence coming out of Iowa that GOP primary voters in fact, don’t view immigration as a top issue—immigration ranked a distant fourth out of four issues in network entrance polling—that hasn’t stopped the field from doubling down on the hardline immigration stances they will … Continue reading »

“If the justices approach their task as judges and not as politicians, the administration will easily prevail” Prominent legal analyst Linda Greenhouse assesses the stakes of the Supreme Court’s upcoming immigration executive action case, United States v. Texas, in a new must-read opinion piece published in today’s New York Times.  United States v. Texas will decide the fate of the DAPA/DACA expansion … Continue reading »

While most Americans who pay attention to politics were focused on the Iowa caucuses for the past few months, immigration activists, including DREAMers, have been actively engaged on the front lines in the state for the past several years. The results have been two-pronged: 1) Defining candidates on the immigration issue; and 2) building lasting … Continue reading »

English (en español al final de la página): New York Times: Donald Trump’s Immigration Message May Resound in New Hampshire By Maggie Haberman Buzzfeed News: Sanders, Clinton Dodge Question On Whether Immigration Is First White House Priority By Adrian Carrasquillo Buzzfeed News: 9 Immigration Questions That Sanders And Clinton Haven’t Been Asked In The Democratic … Continue reading »

English (en español al final de la página): New York Times (Opinion): The Supreme Court vs. the President By Linda Greenhouse Los Angeles Times: Far from the Mexican border, 2016 GOP presidential candidates keep immigration at forefront By Cathleen Decker Huffington Post: Ted Cruz Distorts Marco Rubio’s Immigration Stance By Robert Farley MSNBC: Republican candidates … Continue reading »

English (en español al final de la página): Huffington Post: Ted Cruz And Donald Trump Oppose Immigration Reform, But Could Be Helping The Cause Anyway By Elise Foley Latin Post: Diverse Advocacy Groups to Obama: Stop the Deportation Raids, Enact Temporary Protections By Michael Oleaga La Prensa: LOIRA and Ohio’s Voice invite U.S. Senate candidates … Continue reading »