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United We Dream and America's Voice Launch OurHome.us Highlighting People the President Should Include in His Executive Action

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As we’ve been saying for quite some time, President Obama has promised that he will act on immigration before the end of the year, but many — including Sen. Harry Reid — are are saying that it could happen sooner rather than later.

But in all of the news coverage about the President’s anticipated action, many journalists and pundits are so focused on what the President’s action might mean for politicians in Washington, DC that they forget that executive action is about helping millions of people living here in the US.

Ingrid’s family is the perfect example of this. She is an undocumented mom, and knows first-hand how presidential actions can transform the lives of real people. When the President announced DACA in 2012, it gave her sons a chance to follow their dreams. Ingrid didn’t benefit from DACA, but she too has dreams. And now we could be just days away from executive action on immigration that would let Ingrid’s dreams finally come true.

Watch Ingrid’s Story:

Ingrid has shared her story, and we want to hear your story, too. Help us show America what executive action on immigration is really about. Will you or your families members benefit from executive action on immigration? How will executive action help your community?

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