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Pennsylvania Rejects Trump’s Fellow Xenophobe Lou Barletta

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The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the loss of Lou Barletta in the Pennsylvania Senate race:

Just because the Pennsylvania Senate race wasn’t close shouldn’t diminish its significance.

Lou Barletta is about as Trumpy a candidate as there is. As mayor of Hazleton, he became a nativist firebrand. As a member of Congress, he has been an anti-immigrant stalwart. As a candidate, he was one of Trump’s favorites. Running against an unapologetically pro-immigrant incumbent, Senator Robert Casey, in a state that Trump won just two years ago, the voters of Pennsylvania have soundly rejected Trump’s guy.

The Pennsylvania results mirror what we’re seeing across the country. Voters are delivering an electoral rebuke of candidates who ran on racism and xenophobia instead of racial unity and solving problems.

Congrats to Senator Casey. Adiós, Lou Barletta.