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New Cato Institute Analysis: “82% of Dreamers Won’t Benefit from House Bill’s Citizenship Path”

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The Cato Institute’s new analysis of Speaker Paul Ryan’s “Border Security and Immigration Reform Act” finds that 82% of Dreamers will not benefit from the restrictive citizenship path.

David Bier and Stuart Anderson write:

Only a third of the Dreamer population would likely receive status under the House plan (H.R. 6136), and just 18 percent would likely make it onto the pathway to citizenship. Only 12 percent would likely apply for and receive citizenship. Moreover, even the pathway to citizenship is tenuous, since—for all Dreamers in DACA or without legal status today—it is contingent on a future Congress appropriating money for a quite expensive (at least $25 billion) wall and security system along the Southwest border of the United States.

…Members of Congress should not exaggerate the extent of the legalization of Dreamers as a way to justify politically questionable policy choices, including reducing the annual level of legal immigration and eliminating several current immigration categories.

Yesterday, America’s Voice issued vote recommendations that members of the House of Representatives vote “no” on both the Goodlatte and Ryan immigration bills set for votes later this week, in part because the bill is so narrow and restrictive with respect to Dreamers. Bipartisan bills in the House and Senate have been workable, generous and straightforward. This path is uncertain, untested and filled with obstacles and caveats. In addition, the bills trade stingy Dreamer relief with a range of draconian provisions promoted by White House aide Stephen Miller aimed at terrorizing the immigrant community, refugees seeking safety and families attempting to stay together. Moreover, the entire House legislative effort is a farce and a smokescreen designed to distract from the crisis the Trump administration has caused with its “zero tolerance” and family separation policy.

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