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As Trump Demonizes Immigrants, Americans Grow More Pro-Immigrant Than Ever

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Gallup poll: record-high 75% think immigration is a good thing, up from last year

Pew poll: Democrats have 14% advantage over Republicans on issue, up from 6% last fall

As President Trump speaks of immigrants as “infesting” our country, killing Americans and hailing from “shithole countries,” everyday Americans have a different view.

James Hohmann writes in the latest installment of “The Daily 202,” his insightful Washington Post tipsheet: “Under Trump, Americans are becoming more supportive of immigration.” Hohmann lifts up two recent polls — from Gallup and Pew Research — that show a surge in pro-immigrant sentiment:

A Gallup poll published Thursday shows that a record-high 75 percent of Americans, including majorities across all party groups, think immigration is a good thing for the U.S., up from 71 percent last year. Just 19 percent of the public considers immigration a bad thing. When asked more specifically about “legal” immigration, 84 percent said it’s a good thing.

Perhaps more significantly, Gallup found a record-low number of Americans – only 29 percent – think immigration into the U.S. should be decreased, which has been one of Trump’s core demands to congressional negotiators.

…A Pew Research Center poll published Wednesday found that Democrats have opened a 14-point advantage over Republicans when registered voters are asked which party would better handle immigration, up from just six points last fall. This is the largest-ever Democratic advantage on immigration in Pew’s polling. During Barack Obama’s administration, neither party held a significant advantage in dealing with immigration issues.

…Trump’s war on immigration, both legal and illegal, could have dramatic consequences on the GOP brand over the long-term.