More on Arizona’s highly controversial immigration law from CNN — featuring Sojourners’ CEO Jim Wallis: “I got up here at 4 in the morning to fly to Phoenix…  Enforcement that breaks up families is unacceptable…  Enforcement that doesn’t recognize a broken system is not gonna work… They’re gonna stop... Continue »
Today's top story throughout the Spanish-language press is the passage of SB 1070, which would criminalize undocumented immigrants, by the Arizona State Senate -- with the support of Senator John McCain (R-AZ). Continue »
Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ) represent a state that is the poster child for the need for comprehensive immigration reform. Both have supported an approach to a reform package that combines border security, a crackdown on illegal hiring, a path to citizenship for those in... Continue »
The first episode of Enfoque, a weekly program on Telemundo anchored by José Díaz-Balart, featured several top political figures discussing immigration policy and reform, but headlines indicate that the Spanish-language media is losing hope that reform will pass. Meanwhile, the criminalization bill in Arizona continues to raise alarm in... Continue »
The Arizona State House of Representatives just voted in favor of Draconian legislation that declares open season on immigrants and Latinos in the state. If signed into law by the governor, S.B. 1070 – the so-called "Safe Neighborhoods" bill -- would make every undocumented worker in Arizona guilty... Continue »
Many eyes in the Spanish-language media are turned to Arizona, which is one step away from passing a bill criminalizing undocumented immigrants. Meanwhile, comments from Harry Reid about immigration reform in the Senate garner attention, and a trial for the murder of undocumented immigrant Marcelo Lucero is coming to... Continue »
Today, the Spanish-language press covers a Center for American Progress report on the state of the U.S.-Mexico border; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) remarks from Saturday continue to make news; and some "malevolent ideas" are coming out of Arizona lately. Continue »
The Spanish-language press leads today with the Arizona House of Representatives' passage of a bill that would criminalize undocumented immigrants, but the effects of last Sunday's March for America and other local events for immigration reform--including a protest outside Republican National Committee headquarters--continue to receive a significant amount of... Continue »
The Spanish-language press continues to highlight the importance of the March 21st march for immigration reform. The EFE reports that "Once, President George W. Bush was accused of failing to spend sufficient political capital on passing immigration reform. Now Obama confronts similar complaints, and the drama threatens to repeat... Continue »
Cristina, an illegal immigrant living in South Tucson, recently went to a government office to sign up her children for a state-run Medicaid program. The boy and girl, ages 7 and 3, respectively, are U.S. citizens and entitled to benefits. But Cristina, who spoke on condition her last name not... Continue »