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VIDEO: Dobbs Resigns—Greatest Hits, First Responses

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We told you Dobbs was resigning… well, here’s the proof. Via Media Matters, video of Dobbs’ resignation:

It will be interesting to see what Dobbs’ next “contribution” to public life might be.

If you haven’t yet, check out what our friends at DropDobbs.com and BastaDobbs.com have been up to, and skim this rundown of Dobbs’ greatest hits on our blog:

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The Hispanic Institute minced no words in a statement this evening, saying:

The announcement by CNN that Lou Dobbs will be leaving the cable news channel is welcome news for all Americans who value fair-minded journalism. As the host of a nationally telecast program of commentary, news and interviews, Dobbs has engaged in the worst kind of xenophobic, race-baiting interpretations of the issues surrounding immigration policy, legitimized by the imprimatur of CNN. It was past time for it to end, and we’re glad it has.