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Funding Fights

Sen. Mark Kirk Should Listen to Sen. Mark Kirk on DHS Funding Debacle

New Offensive Comments At Odds with IL Voters, Sen. Durbin, Ex-DHS Secretaries, and Even Sen. Kirk Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) and fellow Senate Republicans are facing widespread backlash and criticism in conservative, Beltway, and Spanish-language media outlets for their failures to advance legislation to fund the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  Republicans continue to … Continue reading »

Wall Street Journal Editorial: Continued Failures on DHS Funding Bill Threatens “Fate of the GOP Majority”

In an editorial entitled, “Can the GOP Change?”the Wall Street Journal blasts Republicans’ unwillingness to acknowledge that their attempts to block President Obama’s immigration executive actions have failed.  The editorial calls on the GOP to find its way out of the “box canyon” it “marched itself into” and to recognize that the party’s continued failures … Continue reading »