Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has repeatedly urged Republican voters around the country to just check out his record in the Florida when they step in the voting booth to cast their ballot in the 2024 GOP presidential primary.  “If you look at what we’ve done in Florida … we’ve... Continue »
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is corrupt, despite the disgraceful acquittal on 16 articles of impeachment by Texas Senate Republicans this past weekend. Let’s just do a quick background review: Paxton was indicted for felony state securities fraud back in 2015, is facing a federal corruption investigation, was impeached... Continue »
CNN this week published a story that feeds right into the anti-immigrant narrative of the far-right, approaching the same xenophobic Bill Melugin/FOX News-like clickbait that we see on other channels. Specifically, the CNN story proclaimed that “mugglers with ties to ISIS helped migrants enter the U.S., raising alarm bells... Continue »
It’s no surprise that a main actor from the ugly demonstrations protesting the welcoming of migrant families to New York City in recent weeks is Curtis Sliwa, a failed Republican mayoral candidate and Guardian Angels leader who’d already spent the spring and early summer ranting about migrant arrivals, CNN... Continue »
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis desperately wants to be president. But with former President Donald Trump continuing to vastly squash him in the GOP primary polls, DeSantis’ strategy has been to try to one-up him on cruelty and racism, particularly on immigration — a very high bar to clear. Despite... Continue »
Indicted former President Donald Trump launched his first presidential campaign by descending his golden escalators and calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists. Following his victory in 2016, his administration launched a barrage of attacks on immigrant communities across the U.S., including rescinding the popular and successful Deferred Action for... Continue »
There’s A Reason Why Melugin Is A Favorite Of Anti-Immigrant Lawmakers, Candidates, And Their Allies If a tweet from the southern border is going viral among anti-immigrant lawmakers, candidates and their allies, chances are it originated with Fox News and their designated border flak Bill Melugin. He’s built his... Continue »
House Republicans on the Subcommittee on Health Care and Financial Services are holding a hearing attacking beneficiaries of one of the most popular and successful immigration programs in recent modern U.S. history.  The hearing, “Why Expanding Medicaid to DACA Recipients Will Exacerbate the Border Crisis,” is absurd on its... Continue »
Florida Republicans finally admitted out loud what we’ve been insisting all along: their anti-immigrant law passed to aid Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 2024 presidential run is harming their state by scaring away immigrant workers.  In a video shared on social media by state organizer Thomas Kennedy, Florida lawmakers Alina Garcia,... Continue »
Chad Wolf, unlawfully appointed former acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under the Trump administration, is among right-wing officials set to appear before the House Judiciary Committee this week. While the hearing purports to concern border security, it’s really about keeping the base inflamed over immigration after... Continue »