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Trump Lies, Republicans Coddle Him and Most Americans Are Turning on Him and Tuning Him Out

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From El Paso to Bedminster to Congressional Negotiations, Trump Would Rather Spew Lies than Speak the Truth

As President Trump heads to El Paso for a MAGA rally to energize flagging support for his border wall, the reality for the President and the Republican Party is clear: the more Trump talks about his wall and his view that immigrants are criminals, threats and invaders, the more the American people move in the opposite direction towards realistic and welcoming solutions to immigration.  

All of his rantings about immigrants, crime and the border seem to be moving us towards another disastrous government shutdown. Meanwhile, more and more damaging revelations about how the Trump Organization, employed, smuggled, and abused undocumented immigrant workers for decades are coming to light.

This is why America’s Voice launched a six-figure ad buy today. The ad quotes national security experts, conservatives and others to make the point that Trump’s push to make his border wall the central issue driving American politics and government is nothing more than a campaign gimmick.

The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

Tonight in El Paso, Trump will use racial incitement and obvious lies to rev up the crowd and attack Democrats. Ever since he descended down the golden escalator at Trump Tower to announce his campaign, this has been Trump’s go-to strategy. Unfortunately for him and the country, he doesn’t seem to notice that in the midterms and during the long showdown over his border wall, the American people are tuning him out and turning on his views and policies.

It seems that whenever Trump feels especially threatened and cornered by the Mueller investigation, or by recent revelations about Trump’s criminal activity with respect to recruiting, hiring and exploiting immigrant workers employed at his properties, Trump does what he always does: deny, distract, divide, attack…and most of all, lie.

Now he’s back to the lie that Democrats want to open the borders and coddle criminals. Fortunately, the people of El Paso intend to stand up to his lies.  

The ad we launched is just one way we are pushing back on our bobble-headed President and his dunderheaded ideas. The bad news is that the mainstream of the Republican Party is falling for — or at least refusing to stand up to — the President’s message on immigrants and immigration, and the good news is that the majority of the American people aren’t buying it.