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Recent Examples of GOP Immigration Attack Ads Show GOP Candidates Fully On Board the Trump Train Down the Stretch

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As President Trump lies, stokes fears, and tries to whip up a frenzy over border security and the caravan, the most of the GOP is marching in lockstep.

The drumbeat of ugly and race-baiting immigration attack ads continue in races across the country. Why? Because the “divide and distract” strategy as directed by Trump and Stephen Miller, has now become the GOP’s closing argument. This cynical political strategy seeks to incite racial panic in order to scare voters and distract from the GOP’s awful record on healthcare, taxes and corruption.

A recent CNN analysis by Catherine Shoichet finds that more than $150 million has been spent on immigration attack ads this year – up fivefold over 2014. America’s Voice has been tracking these anti-immigrant attack ads and featuring some of the ugliest examples at the new America’s Voice “Divide and Distract” website, which includes a searchable database of the worst of the worst immigration ads we’ve seen this cycle.

Among the new additions and recent “worst of the worst” examples of GOP anti-immigrant ads from recent days include:

According to Matt Hildreth, America’s Voice Political Director:

Instead of running on kitchen table issues, most Republicans are marching in lockstep with Trump. They are demonizing brown people so that voters don’t focus on the GOP’s horrible record on healthcare, income inequality and corruption. They are fear mongering to divide us and distract us. This ugly and cynical strategy might work with the hardcore Trump base, but we are betting that a majority of Americans are tired of their transparent attempts at divide-and-conquer, are ready to hold Republicans accountable, and are ready for leaders who bring us together.”\