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Quinnipiac Poll: 86% of Americans, Including 76% of Republicans, Want Dreamers to Stay in America

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79% support path to citizenship, including 64% of Republicans

new Quinnipiac poll is the latest in a long line of recent polling that shows that Americans, including Republicans, overwhelmingly back efforts to keep Dreamers here in America. The new Quinnipiac poll finds:

  • By an 86-11% margin, Americans support allowing Dreamers to stay in the U.S. and gain legal residency. When provided three options regarding Dreamers:
    • 79% of Americans back citizenship (“should be allowed to stay in the United States and to eventually apply for U.S. citizenship”);
    • 7% back legal status short of citizenship (“should be allowed to remain in the United States, but not be allowed to apply for U.S. citizenship”); and
    • 11% supporting deporting Dreamers (“should be required to leave the U.S.”)
  • By party affiliation, at least three-fourths of every subgroup backs Dreamers staying in America and “citizenship” is the strong majority choice among every party affiliation:
    • Democrats at 96% (92% citizenship, 4% legal status, 3% deportation);
    • Independents at 85% (77% citizenship; 8% legal status; 12% deportation); and
    • Republicans at 76% (64% citizenship; 12% legal status; 20% deportation)

The results from poll after poll are remarkably consistent. For example, December 2017 polls from CNN, Marist, and CBS News, as well as an earlier Quinnipiac poll in December, each found that between 81% and 84% of the public, including between 67% and 74% of Republican respondents, backed efforts to keep Dreamers here in America and gain legal status.