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Poker Face: Trump Shows His Hand For Family Separation 2.0

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President Trump is once again paving the way for a new form of family separation. Just days after Acting-DHS Chief Kevin McAleenan insisted that the policy was no longer on the table President Trump insisted on tipping his hand previewing the next step in Family separation 2.0.  On Sunday, he called Fox News and told host Maria Bartiromo that ending family separation was a “disaster” claiming, “It’s like Disneyland now. Before you would get separated and some people would say let’s not go up. Now you don’t get separated, and while that sounds nice and all, what happens is you have literally you have ten times as many families coming up because they’re not going to be separated from their children.”

We can see right through McAleenan’s thinly veiled deflections, as President Trump and Stephen Miller make room for “Sophie’s Choice”, forcing parents to choose between being detained indefinitely with or without their children.

According to Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, “Let’s make this very clear, the administration is setting up family separation 2.0, a cruel ‘Sophie’s Choice’ for families fleeing Central American violence that will force parents to choose between being detained indefinitely with their children or being detained indefinitely without their children. There’s no hiding that Trump and Miller want to place blame on immigrant families, but the American people didn’t fall for it with family separation 1.0, they won’t fall for family separation 2.0 either. Americans have spoken loud and clear, Trump’s barbaric family separation policy will not be tolerated in any form.”