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Pew Poll On Immigrants and Refugees Finds Trump Has Forced Americans to Make a Choice — And We Have:

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Dramatic shift in a more liberal direction is a strong rebuke to Trump and Trumpism

A deep-dive Pew Poll finds that during the most anti-immigrant administration in our lifetime, Americans have become dramatically more pro-immigrant. While “there continue to be stark differences” in how Americans view immigrants, “voters across the political spectrum have shifted in a more liberal direction.”

According to the Pew Poll of 9,114 registered voters:

“In 2016 voters were about evenly divided in the share saying that the growing number of newcomers strengthens American society (46%) and the share who said they threaten traditional American customs and values (50%). Today, six-in-ten American voters (60%) say that newcomers strengthen American society and 37% say they threaten traditional customs and values.

Supporters of both major party candidates this year are more likely than 2016 supporters to have positive views of immigrants to the United States, but the gap between supporters of the Republican and Democratic candidates is little different than it was four years ago. Today, more than eight-in-ten Biden supporters (84%) say the growing share of newcomers in the U.S. strengthens American society, up from 71% among Clinton supporters in 2016. By comparison, a much smaller share of Trump supporters (32%) view immigration as strengthening society. Still, that is up from just 19% among Trump supporters in 2016.”

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: 

Trump has forced Americans to make a choice on immigrants and refugees. And we have. Unlike four years ago, a strong majority of Americans say that ‘newcomers strengthen American society,’ and only 37% say that immigrants and refugees ‘threaten traditional American customs and values.’ 

This is a dramatic rebuke to Trump and Trumpism. 

From the moment he descended down that Trump Tower escalator in 2015, Trump has demonized and dehumanized immigrants and refugees. He and his henchman Stephen Miller, with their lackeys at DHS doing the dirty work, have prosecuted an unprecedented war on immigrants and refugees. From ripping kids from families, to ending DACA and TPS, to gutting our refugee and asylum system, to building a costly, ineffective and offensive wall, to building up a private and unaccountable detention system, to shutting down virtually all legal immigration by executive fiat, immigration has been the original sin of Trumpism and the administration’s signature issue.

Make no mistake. Racism and xenophobia are on the ballot this year, and this is just the latest evidence that a multiracial majority of the American people are not buying it. At all.”

Trump has forced Americans to make a choice and we have.