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Pelosi and Schumer Hold Strong, Trump Caves, and the Border Wall is Still Just a Rally Chant

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The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to the announcement that a short-term spending measure will be approved by Congress in order to keep the federal government open until early February — without funding for Trump’s border wall.

A huge shout-out to Speaker Designate Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer for holding strong and winning the showdown with President Trump over his demand that the spending bill include $5 billion for his stupid, offensive and wasteful border wall.

On this side of the midterms, Trump doesn’t seem so strong, invincible and domineering, does he?

His party just suffered defeats of historic proportions in November. More than 60 million Americans turned out to defeat Republicans by 9% in the House popular vote. 40 House seats, six governorships and nearly 400 state legislative seats flipped. Moreover, he made the defeats even worse by closing with an ugly and cynical display of race-baiting and fear mongering that backfired with independents, mobilized voters of color and drove up the Democratic vote.

Trump and his sidekick Stephen Miller inhabit a world of sycophants and glad-handers who tell them they are brilliant, that xenophobia works, and that Trump defies political gravity. The Republicans who controlled both the House and the Senate have focused on protecting his ego and not the rule of law. Well, that whole Trumpian bubble has been burst, bigly, last month by the voters and this week by Pelosi and Schumer.

Welcome to your future, President Trump.