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Outrage Builds In Texas with Cornyn, Cruz Support of Trump’s Wall as Property Set to Be Seized, Military Funds Diverted

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The political costs of standing with President Trump and against the Constitution and American voters on Trump’s border wall are mounting for Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. The federal government is advancing towards the Texas land seizures necessary for construction and the impact on military projects to divert funds to the wall are coming into sharper focus.

In a story titled, “Rio Grande Valley Landowners Plan To Fight Border Wall Expansion,” NPR reports that Texas private landowners have started to receive “right-of-entry” letters from the federal government seeking to survey their land for possible border wall construction – the latest in a growing string of reminders about the consequences of Republican acquiescence to Trump’s fake emergency declaration. As the NPR piece reports:

More than 570 landowners in two counties, Hidalgo and Starr, have received right-of-entry letters from the government asking to survey their land for possible border wall construction.

…Ninety-year-old Elvira Canales lives in Salineño, a 15-minute drive west of Roma. She said she recently talked to the Army Corps of Engineers about an upcoming road construction project near her property by the Rio Grande. Canales said she’ll take legal action if the government tries to take her land for the road, or for the proposed wall.

“I won’t sell it, or I won’t give it permission because it’s my property for generations and generations,” Canales said.

Mario Carrillo, Director of America’s Voice Texas said: “We look forward to Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz explaining to this 90-year old border landowner and others how this represents constituent service at its finest. The land grab pushed by Republicans seems strikingly at odds with the GOP’s self-image as the party of small government and property rights, but Cornyn and Cruz’s acquiescence to Trump is on brand for our state’s senators.”

Meanwhile, there continues to be a range of state and local attention and criticism to the list of potential military construction projects that could be raided in order to build the stupid wall, as we noted yesterday. For example:

In Texas, the Texas Tribune reports in a story titled Trump’s emergency declaration could mean Texas’ military installations lose millions for future projects:”

In all, about $265 million for construction and other projects on military bases in Texas could be diverted to build walls on the southern border, according to a list of potential projects the Department of Defense released to lawmakers Monday.