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On Way Out the Door, Trump Administration Seeks to Further Tarnish Statue of Liberty and the Core Values of America

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 After broad multiracial majority rejected Trump’s xenophobia and cruelty, new asylum rule escalates attacks on basic American values


On their way out the door, the Trump administration has finalized a rule that is the “most sweeping attack on asylum that we have seen,” according to Aaron Reichlin-Melnick of the American Immigration Council. The rule, which creates additional bars for individuals seeking asylum eligibility, would mean that even those with credible fear of danger if returned to their home country, such as escaping gender or gang violence, would not be protected. 

The new rule also represents an escalation of the type of cruelty that the American people rejected in the November elections, when Trump and Stephen Miller’s relentless xenophobia and anti-immigrant policymaking lost many more votes than it won. 

According to Douglas Rivlin Director of Communication for America’s Voice:  

As if they haven’t done enough to trample on the idea of America as a welcoming nation and a beacon of hope for people fleeing violence and danger, the Trump administration is now escalating their attacks on asylum. This rule makes it significantly harder for people to have access to a fair and humane system for evaluating asylum claims. 

America is stronger when it embraces its proud tradition as a welcoming nation that provides legal avenues to pursuing refugee status, offers protections to those in danger and provides a safer environment in which to thrive. Trump is continuing his attacks on the very idea of America and our leadership role among nations to both welcome the stranger and defend the safety of individuals within our laws. 

Trump’s cruel anti-immigrant agenda is unpopular with a broad multiracial majority of Americans who voted to end his attacks on America’s core values and his attacks on immigrants and immigration. This latest attempt to tarnish the Statue of Liberty encapsulates so much about what is wrong with the Trump administration and reminds us all the magnitude of the task at hand to rebuild America and restore her to being a beacon of hope to those seeking safety, freedom and opportunity.