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NowThis: Termination of TPS “Not Only Inhumane, It’s Bad Economics”

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Union President James Boland Discusses Detrimental Impacts of Administration’s Termination of TPS

In a new video for NowThis, James Boland, President of the International Union for Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers and member of Working Families United, discusses the devastating impacts of the Trump administration’s termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for hundreds of thousands of workers across the nation and their 273,000 American children.

Boland explains that TPS holders are ”vital workers to American industries. And that they contribute to an estimated $4.5 billion in pre-taxed wages to the GDP each year.” He goes on to detail that “23% of male TPS holders work in construction. By terminating their legal status and telling them to leave, the administration is threatening over 100,000 American construction jobs.” Boland ends by asking Congress to come together and fix our broken immigration system to save TPS.

You can check out the entire NowThis video online here, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. For questions, media inquiries, or more information, please contact B. Loewe at bloewe@onpoint.pro.