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New Video from America's Voice Summarizes Power of Immigration Reform Movement

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It’s been an amazing summer for the immigration reform movement, one marked by thousands of pro-reform events across the nation and capped by 26 House Republicans coming out in support of a path to citizenship.  It wouldn’t have been possible without all the organizations who put local pressure on their Representatives to do the right thing and support immigration reform.

That’s why we’re releasing this video today, which captures the power of our movement and makes it clear that immigration reform as an issue is not going away.  That’s why Speaker Boehner, and House Republicans, must give us a vote this fall.

This summer was only the beginning, as yesterday’s civil disobedience where over 100 women were arrested to protest inaction on immigration reform demonstrated.  Congress is back in session now, and immigration reform advocates will be pressuring the House more than ever to pass legislation that does right by the 11 million.

(Watch the video at the America’s Voice blog here).