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NEW VIDEO: Dreamer from Rep. Steve King’s District Explains Importance of Executive Action to Her Family and Iowa Community

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Monica is a DACAmented Dreamer who grew up in rural Iowa and now attends the University Of Northern Iowa. She comes from a mixed status family with a sister who is also a Dreamer as well as two other U.S. citizen siblings.

Monica’s member of Congress, Rep. Steve King, is one of the leading Republicans trying to end President Obama’s new immigration policy. But for Monica, the immigration debate is not about partisan politics but about families. Right now, she is fighting for her mother who is one of the 17,000 Iowans who will likely benefit from the President’s new immigration policy.

You can learn more about her story in a new video featured on OurHome.us—a website highlighting stories of people and families impacted by the administration’s program and those who still need an administrate and legislative solution.

As she explains in the video, “That’s what this [executive action] is about, letting families stay together.  It’s a step in the right direction… It’s still not where we want to be. We’re living our life in two-year increments. It’s a step in the right direction, but really we’re wanting more.”

Fighting for her friends and family isn’t new to Monica. This summer, she received national media attention where she confronted Hillary Clinton in Iowa and asked her to clarify her position on executive action. 

OurHome.us is a campaign by United We Dream and America’s Voice to tell the stories of those most impacted by President Obama immigration policies.  Monica joined leaders from both groups on a Google Hangout yesterday to answer questions about the new policy (see video from yesterday’s Google Hangout here).