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National, Nevada, and Arizona Latino and Immigrant Community Leaders Discuss State of 2016 Races, Up and Down the Ballot

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A Recording of Today’s Call is Available Here

Today, national and state-based leaders joined a press call to discuss immigration, Latino voters, and the state of hot races nationally and in Arizona and Nevada.

New battleground state polling by Latino Decisions, commissioned by NALEO Education Fund, shows that Latino voters are poised to vote against Trump by historic margins. Among Latino voters, Clinton leads Trump 70%-18% in Arizona; 63%-23% in Florida; 69%-19% in North Carolina; and 72%-17% in Nevada.

This Saturday, the Bazta Arpaio campaign is bringing together national and local allies for a National Day of Action to kick start Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s retirement.

A recording of today’s call is available here.

Rocio Saenz, International Executive Vice President of SEIU, said “This election cycle, we will be the wall that keeps Donald Trump out of the White House – somos el muro. We have a clear choice between a united America that works together to build a better future and a divided America filled with hate; between a wall and a bridge; and between tearing families apart and keeping families together. While the majority of Latino voters are supporting Hillary Clinton and Catherine Cortez Masto, we know that turnout is what matters. That is why SEIU is investing heavily and executing a robust program to make sure Latinos, immigrants, and all working voters turnout, vote, and take control of their futures. We will reject the politics of hate.”

Ben Monterroso, Executive Director of Mi Familia Vota, said, “I have been doing campaign work for over two decades. What I am seeing during this election, I have never seen before. In Nevada and Arizona, the Latino community is engaged and ready to show through their vote that they cannot be ignored, insulted, or disrespected any longer. The time has come. If you want this vote, you must earn it with real results that will benefit Latino Americans.”

Alejandra Gomez, leader and activist with the Bazta Arpaio Campaign, said, “This election our racist sheriff will likely end up in jail, but first he will be voted out by our community. 200,000 Latinos have turned 18 since Arpaio’s last election. Arizona is at a tipping point.  This political shift happened by organizing our community to reclaim our state.”

Pili Tobar, Advocacy and Communications Director of Latino Victory Project, said “Republicans made a political calculation this election that it was better for them to cater to the extreme right wing base and to stand with Trump against our families, instead of standing with our families and against Trump. Their support for this dangerous man will go down in history as self-interested, politically motivated, and just plain wrong. Latino and immigrant voters are energized, celebrating our culture and ready to vote against hate, vote to protect our undocumented loved ones, and vote for the prosperity and dignity of our families.”

Viridiana Vidal, State Director of Nevada’s Voice, said, “Across Nevada, the local organizations have united to ensure that all Nevadans have their voices heard this November. During our latest action, local activists created a “Taco Truck Wall” around Trump’s hotel in Las Vegas. In addition to supporting local businesses, the effort was a massive voter registration and get-out-the-vote endeavor. As of September, there were over 198,000 Latinos registered in Nevada, over 14% of the entire electorate.  While this has certainly been a trying election cycle for Latinos, instead of losing faith in the process, we are finding our voices, building political power, and fighting back against anti-immigrant candidates Joe Heck and Donald Trump.”