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Mi Familia Vota Launches Bilingual Voter Mobilization Campaign in Key Battleground State

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New campaign Is refreshing antidote to the cynical, “morally bankrupt” tactics of Paul Ryan and the entire GOP

New reporting from Nevada Public Radio highlights Mi Familia Vota’s newest bilingual campaign to mobilize Latinx voters in Nevada, one of the key battleground locations where the Latinx vote could again prove pivotal.

At a time when the GOP is engaged in what Speaker Ryan calls “morally bankrupt” but “politically effective” tribal politics, the efforts by groups like Mi Familia Vota and others to combat this cynicism with real voter participation in the best tradition of American democracy is inspiring and hopeful.

The reporting from Nevada Public Radio is below:

Latino leaders and civic groups launched a bilingual campaign this week in Nevada and other states to register new voters and increase Hispanic participation at the polls this fall.

The goal is to register 150,000 new Latino voters nationwide, including 15,000 in Nevada.

Ben Monterroso, the executive director of Mi Familia Vota, said more than 13,500 new Latino voters have been registered in Nevada over the past four years, and the campaign announced this week aims to increase that number in Las Vegas and Clark County.

According to numbers from the Pew Research Center, Latinos make up 28 percent of the state population, but only 42 percent of them are registered to vote compared with 81 percent of white voters. The mobilization campaign is called “USA Tu Poder” – Use your power.