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Our Message to Congress: Dream Act is Now a Must-Pass Bill

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To Republicans We Say: Talk is Cheap, Action is What Matters

To Democrats: Act Now; Passing Dream Act Must Be Your Top Priority

There is national consensus – from across the political spectrum – that Trump’s decision to end DACA was cruel and wrong, and Congress must pass legislation to fix the status of Dreamers ASAP. America’s leading businessesuniversitiesreligious leaders, current and former elected officials at all levels of government – even celebrities – have joined local communities in blasting the Trump DACA decision and embracing America’s Dreamers.

Said Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund:

Trump’s action yesterday means that the Dream Act is now a must-pass bill. This is an emergency and Congress has to act on it immediately. It should be added to any moving vehicle in Congress. If the debt ceiling vote is coming up, then the Dream Act should be added to it. If a spending bill to keep the government open is moving, then the Dream Act should be added to that. Whether it’s the debt ceiling or a spending bill, the Republican conference’s current fault lines means that any legislation will have to pass with a cohort of Democratic votes. The same coalition would back the Dream Act in a stand-alone vote.  We’re calling on Republicans and Democrats to utilize every tool in their toolbox to attach this legislation to a moving bill and get it off the table once and for all.

Yesterday, when asked for reaction to Trump’s DACA announcement, several congressional Republicans claimed to support passing legislation to fix the status of Dreamers. What was the first action by House Republican leadership? They rejected all DACA related amendments to the omni appropriations bill that will be considered this week. This includes amendments that would have barred government funds from being used to deport anyone eligible for DACA. House leadership wouldn’t even let it come for a vote.

Sharry said:

Talk is cheap.  We won’t let Republicans speak out of both sides of their mouth. As the Rules Committee actions revealed, the Republicans are already playing games that must stop. If you support Dreamers, allow Dreamer-supporting legislation to come to a vote. If you don’t, stop pretending you want to protect Dreamers.

We also have a message for Democrats: we know that the Dream Act will only become law if you push it. We expect you to treat every moving vehicle as a target and use each and every legislative move you have to get it done, starting today. This is not about politics, it’s about people’s lives, and we need you to make the Dream Act your top priority until it finally passes.