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ICYMI: La Opinión: “TPS Is Not Just Three Letters…It’s My Family’s Life”

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Honduras TPS Decision Deadline: TODAY

The decision to end Temporary Protected Status for Honduras is expected any moment. Awaiting the Administration’s decision, Pilar Marrero writes a soulful article regarding how a decision to terminate the program would undoubtedly destroy families relying on TPS.

The entire piece is available here and excerpted below:

“For Juan, his family and his life in this country was the equivalent of a happy ending for a difficult childhood and teen years marked by abuses and separations. First of all, the mistreatment and beatings that his mother suffered at the hands of his father. This left indelible images of violence in the young man´s brain.

And then, his mother migrated, fleeing for her safety. Her children -a total of four with Juan being the oldest- did not see her for years.

But the life they have now could go away in a flash because they´re both legally here under TPS, a protection status they received for the first time in 1999 along with thousands of other Hondurans, right after the hurricane happened, killing tens of thousands and destroying the country´s infrastructure.

The Trump Administration recently canceled TPS for Nicaraguans, Salvadorans, and Haitians, among others.

‘We really are devastated to think that we could lose our legal status,’ Juan said. He asked not to be identified by his real name, afraid of being targeted by ICE. ‘We have roots in this country. I came when I was 16 years, I met my wife here and we have a beautiful family.’”